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Six SGC gymnasts travelled to Ynys Mon to compete in the Inter Island Gymnastics competition on 23rd and 25th July 2015. As gymnastics was not a chosen sport in this year's Island Games in Jersey, the Inter Island Gymnastics teams hold their own competition separately. This year there were teams from Jersey, Isle of Man, Ynys Mon, Shetland, Bermuda, Cayman Island, Aland and Gotland (hosts of the games in 2017). There was a Womens and a Mens Junior and Senior competition - 80 gymnasts in total.
Taking part in the Womens Junior competition were Arwen Grieve and May Young. Competing in the Senior Womens event was Evie Craigie, Sophie Grant, Mhia Mouat and Hannah Robertson. This is the first time any of our gymnasts have attended a four piece competition and been required to do an individual floor routine to music on a full sized sprung floor. It was decided as our training time is limited that we would only compete on floor and vault aparatus at this competition. 
The first day of competition was a set competition where gymnasts must perform required skills. The second day was an FIG competition where there is more flexibilty involved in the skills required for each piece of aparatus. All of our gymnasts performed really well on the Thursday competition with a great deal of trepidation and nerves. The Saturday competition was definitely of a higher calibre but our gymnasts put on an even better performance and all had improvements in their individual scores.
The gymnasts and coaches made some new friends and contacts over the course of the event and are all ready and fired up to commence training for Gotland in 2017!